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PHYTOSCIENCE was established in DESA PETALING in Malaysia September 2012.
The company generates an average of $15 million (RM45m) on a monthly basis.
More than 100 millionaire created by phytoscience in just 3 years.
Their wisma phytoscience building worth RM15M ($4.5m).
Phytoscience have over 600,000 distributors across the globe

Located in 23 countries and now Nigeria.

Official Website: www.iphytoscience.com

The Manufacturer And Supplier of PhytoScience products is Mibelle Biochemistry

Founded in 1925 in Zurich,

Zurich one of the 500 largest companies in the world with annual revenue of $2,6 billion. Fred Zuelli is the Managing Director and Founder of Mibelle Biochemistry which has more than 86,000 employees. He graduated from ETH Zurich, world’s 13th university


Certificate Of Recognition

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MOU Between Phytoscience And Mibelle Biochemistry

Mibelle biochemistry is pioneer in research and development of active ingredient products for the healthcare industry with many patented and innovative award winning products.

Phytoscience signed an exclusive ownership of the Double triple stemcell including it’s formula, patents and products.

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award(APEA)




U.S.A FDA Certification